Job Description

Shypyard is a fast growing early stage startup backed by top VCs and angels from Silicon Valley. Our goal is to become the backbone of operation for all e-commerce SMBs of the world.

We are looking for smart junior or mid-level backend engineers who are obsessed with delivering great customer experience and who truly care building software that truly solve customer pain points. As a early hire, you have the unique opportunity to build the product from 0 to 1 and have the freedom and ownership to shape the technology and product direction for the company.

We are a hybrid-friendly company and this position can also be fully remote in Taiwan.


Our mission is to empower fast-growing brands to make better decisions, faster.

As former brand operators, we started Shypyard because we were frustrated by the lack of intuitive solutions for brands to manage their operations.

We are backed by top VCs, including Google’s AI fund and angel investors.

Co-Founders’ Background

Dan and Sam co-founded Shypyard in 2021 with the mission to empower entrepreneurs with the right tools to achieve their dreams. While selling on Shopify, they personally experienced the daily operational and business challenges many entrepreneurs face, so they decided to build Shypyard to solve this problem.

They first met at Facebook. Sam grew up in Taiwan, worked at Facebook Marketplace team as a senior engineer, and later created one of the most popular Shopify sizing apps (Kiwi Sizing) with over 14k active merchants. Dan is from Canada and subsequently worked at LinkedIn as a senior product manager, building recommendation products that were responsible for millions of people finding jobs through LinkedIn.

🏗 What are we building?

Shypyard is an early stage startup building a supply chain planning platform so brand operators can make better decisions, faster. Our platform is intuitive, and allows brands to play with their forecasts and scenarios in an unprecedented way.

Extensive industry research showed that Beauty and Personal Care had the highest ratio of excess inventory across all consumer product categories, so we’ve teamed up with world-class advisors from brands like Tower28, Revlon, Summer Fridays, Tarte Cosmetics. Our focus is to first solve for the beauty and personal care market.

Join a very special group (from Meta, LinkedIn, BCG, and others) that is working very hard to revolutionize how brands plan and operate.

Ultimately, our vision is to connect the entire ecosystem of suppliers, logistics companies, distributors and merchants into commerce graph and allow them to communicate across a unified platform. Through the platform data, Shypyard can provide unprecedented insights for both merchants and suppliers on aggregate supply and demand around the world, reducing the bullwhip effect seen throughout times of uncertainty, ie: COVID. Together with our customers, we can transform the global commerce supply chain to become more transparent, trustworthy and less wasteful.

How is it like working with us?

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